Code story :

1984-1990 : Thomson TO7/TO8 :  
6809 @ 1MHz
Like a lot of people, I began coding simple games in Basic. ( On this machine, the integrated basic was a Microsoft  Basic ! )
The power was very limited, thus the only way to have something impressive was to learn assembly. So I did.
I was learning the 6809 assembly with some books, when I saw one arcade machine running Tetris and was fascinated.
I had this magazine with a screenshot of the Sega Megadrive version of Tetris, and this was my starting point.
I still have the 6809 source on paper...
1990-1997) Atari ST : 68000 @ 8MHz
Powerful box compared to my previous one.
I was forced to learn the 68000 assembly to have a sprite routine.
I've done numerous clones of arcade games with this machine. ( Tetris, sokoban, Lode Runner, Boulder Dash, etc... )
See my Special Atari ST Page.
First contact with a PC in 1994. No money to buy one.
I also learned C and Unix during this period.
1997-2003) Gamer
First serious jobs. With the money, I was able to buy a "powerful" Pentium 60 box to replace my aging ST.
During this period, I was mainly a gamer.
Small stuff in C, then  : full time jobs. Code blackout.
2003-) Code again.
*) Shockwave director stuff. OO programming. (Boulder dash, lander. )
*) C++ ( 2D game framework )
*) D programming language. ( 2D game framework, DDash )
*) C++ again. ( Ogre 3D + ODE , Lander )