Citadel Project

Goal : Exporting System Shock levels, textures and 3D objects (from the original datafiles ) to the Doom3 format.

Sources and Binary below.


3D Objects :
a control Ped. a CPU
a cyber terminal a desk type 1
a desk type 2 an energy station
a Hunterkiller (from cyberspace !) a phone
a stereo a surgery machine

Levels architecture :

It was tough, there's no documentation about the Doom3 texture matrix !
Here are some samples of level 1 and level 2, enjoy !

Level 1 : corridor Level 1 : recreation area
Level 1 : radioactive area Level 2 : elevator door
Level 2 : computer room Level 2 : nice room

levels screenshots (Old generator) :

Levels 1 to 9 generated. and : no more leaks ! The bsp compiler is really meant to be used with closed maps ! it's really faster :)

Level 2 Level 3 Level 4

Level 5 Level 6 Level 7

Level 8 Level 9 Strange view

Please note that it's extremely raw stuff : it's not a game.

If you have all the required stuff and enough luck, you'll be able to walk in some empty levels of Citadel using Doom3. That's all.
I promise nothing !

WARNING ! requirements !

( at least how to add an info_player_start object )

Also don't forget to read the citadel_howto.txt file !!

Download here : (404738 bytes)

Sources / By lanael, Saturday 4 February 2006 à 14:40

Here are the sources : (1933 KB)

notes :

It's a modified tsshp (v0.2.10f) project. ( )

The modifications are mainly located in the generator.c and models.c file.

Be careful, hooks and new fields in some structures have been placed here and there : it should be necessary to diff them with the original tsshp 0.2.10.f sources to know exactly what was modified !

Also, the win32/main.c was heavily hacked to best suit the project.

Everything was compiled using MSVC6.

--- Important --- It looks like it compiles correctly using the "Win32 Debug RenOpenGL SndSDL" configuration only... oops. ---

Have fun !